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Please see our latest projects. All our projects are very personal and unusual. We create bespoke designs that you will never find at anyone’s home.

 Currently, the most common interior styles are: Scandinavian, Industrial and Urban Modern. Examples of each and more can be found on our Pinterest board.

Scandinavian Bedroom

Interior style, marked by minimalism and functionality, which welcomed to our homes in the beginning of 20th century. Scandinavian interior style is called as a “safe style” because of its natural material, soft hues, blending textures, lots of natural lights and modern furniture. It is the most popular style nowadays and it will never go out of a date. Homes are feeling warm and invitation with the Nordic décor…

But what about adding botanic features to Scandinavian bedroom? A bit of greenery above our heads. Plants are the most beautiful interior accessories. They have various functions: can decorate, liven up the decor, improve the microclimate and even benefit the mood of the housemates.

They allow to keep the balance between the dizzying pace of life in the highly developed civilizational circle and the need to maintain contact with nature.

We have chosen the hanging plant version. Would we find any plants at your home?

Glamour Bathroom

Glamour interior design is a mixture of few genres: Art Deco, Traditional & mid-century interior modern style.


The design is an example that glamour style bathroom can work pretty well in a small space. A traditional free-standing bath is a must, but shower head & oval curtain rail fitted just above it, is such a clever idea for those who prefer to take shower in the morning.


Rose gold shiny elements are absolutely essential components in this design, which are making the interior more outstanding. A feminine space that can still translate to glamour – light pink and grey shades looks sophisticated alongside luxurious material – white marble. Topping the design up with few alcoves either side of a feature wall gives more storage in such a small space!

Elegant Kitchen

Previously separated kitchen and conservatory room didn’t give chance for family and friends (that are visiting quite often) to spend time together, because of lack of space.

New design has few proposes to suit all their needs. Arisen three zones in new open plan – cooking (kitchen), eating (dining) and entertaining (bar). Painting walls and ceiling in dusty pick colour in kitchen area have separated neatly two previously existed rooms.

What bar would it be without a bit of cork and bottles? It could not be missed in our project! We think those cork bar stools and bottle pendants for bar area will definitely make this space more outstanding!

We have also replaced conservatory windows to big four pane full height windows to bring a little bit of outside inside. It would be a shame not to show such a beautiful garden!


Beautiful deep dark emerald with small tint of gold, and floral ceiling will make your dreams unforgettable in this bedroom!

Eclectic interior is for those who are unsure which preferred style they would want to find at home. Eclectic design is a mixture of different styles, periods, patterns, colours. It is a big mess arranged in characteristic style.

In our bedroom design you will find an old-style vintage radiator, French gold sculptured mirror, a glamour pendant and two glamour bedsides, Scandinavian style light parquet and a bohemian colourful floral wallpaper.

In this design we have broken the rules of laying down the wallpaper by making such a unique focal point on a ceiling. Just imagine the views from that bed! Good night.

Modern Cloakroom

The cloakroom is a room for people to hang their coats, cloaks or other outwear when they enter a building. So why does Brits call cloakroom a downstairs toilet? 

“It seems that in early Victorian times a pioneering and fashionable move made by some upmarket establishments, such as restaurants, was to offer indoor facilities to ladies on arrival to enable them to freshen up. This was a room where upon arrival ladies could remove their outer coat (or cloak) and freshen up. It was called the ‘ladies cloak room’. Over time, of course similar facilities began being offered to men and the phrase appears to have gradually morphed into ‘cloakroom’ and used to describe a room where there is a toilet, basin and mirror area designed primarily for visiting guests.”*

In the modern days, it is quite common to find storage for coats, shoes, umbrellas under the stairs when people entering the houses to leave their belongings. Some people are converting this space into a downstairs cloakroom – a toilet.

My client required a downstairs toilet as she has lots of friends visits and didn’t want them to keep running upstairs to use a toilet. The only space that we could use, was using the space underneath a stairs and taking a little bit of space in a kitchen.

With such a tiny available space we managed to fit small bathroom with integrated basin and toilet!

As the space was very small, we decided to use beautiful patterned mirror tiles on one whole wall, so the space looked bigger. They do match perfectly with modern patterned floor tiles.

The space underneath the stairs is lower but we wanted to use all of it. We designed two types of storage – one cupboard with removable shelves and access to underneath home and second storage as pull out drawer for shoes.

We took away old balustrade and designed full height bespoke shelves unit to keep books and for vintage displays like sewing and writing machines that client love to collect but she didn’t know where to find a place for them.


Barber shops were around as early as 296 B.C. as higher class Greek men used to gather in a market to get hair and beards trimmed while debating and gossiping. Greek slaves were forced to wear beards.

Barbers have history in medical world, as they were also served as surgeons and dentists in addition to hair cutting, because of their perfect hand to use blade. This is where the red & white spiralling strips, known as barber pole came from. It is representing two craft of a barber men, red – surgery, white – barbering. In modern days a barber refers to a professional tittle of a person who specialise in men’s hair.

Nowadays lots of barbershops are designed as it was “back in a time”. We decided to go for an industrial interior. Our client is in love with wood, which is perfectly matching this style, so we made it as main material in the whole design!

Stained planks of wood can be found on main wall behind mirrors, the wall where entrance door is and on the whole ceiling! Designed bespoke drawer units running along whole wall with 4 working stations. Using the same type of wood bespoke bench seats with storage were designed for clients while they are waiting for their hair makeover.

For flooring we went for LVT floor in wood texture to complete the look. LVT flooring is perfect for this type of environment. This flooring has lots of great features, few of them are: moisture resistant, scratch and scuff resistant, slip resistant, easy to clean and maintain.

Existing metal frame mirrors and new iron pendants for each working station are giving the industrial feel within the space.

We hope the owner of the shop will have more clients once the makeover is finally done!


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Spatial & Interior Designer

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