Let Us Make Your Dream Happen

Unique interior design projects at an affordable price, which will suit your personality and style. Let us turn your own place into a new one where you will feel safe, comfortable and warm. A place where you can relax and hide from the outside world.  A place where you will enjoy coming back to from a tiring day and where you alongside with your family and friends will make unforgettable memories, because there is no place like home

Interior Design services to suit your needs

Concept Design

Price: £30.00 per m2

Perfect if you need help with choosing finishing and materials.

What does it include?

  • Questionnaire about you/your lifestyle/interior styles/budget,
  • mood board with all materials used in a project & functional floor plan,
  • list of all materials + budget breakdown.


Price £25.00 – £50.00 per m2

Perfect if you are from far away.

I do work with clients from whole United Kingdom or even with clients from abroad. 

Concept Design or Full Project are also available online with an extra help from client where you would need to provide us all essential information about a space: measurements of each space + photographs.

Full Project

Price: £55.00 per m2

Perfect if you don’t have ability to visualise the new space.

What does it include?

  • Questionnaire about you/your lifestyle/interior styles/budget, 
  • mood board with all materials used in a project & functional floor plan, 
  • 3D visualizations: few shots of each space, 
  • specification: list of all materials + budget breakdown, 
  • technical drawings for installation services, 
  • technical drawings for bespoke furniture.

Bespoke Furniture Design

Price: various

Perfect if you can’t find the right furniture.

  • Second-hand furniture design and renovation
  • New furniture design

Everything Customized to YOUR Style

For us, you are the most important as it is all about you and your lifestyle!

We will be more than happy to help you with your upcoming project. Either you want some decoration tips/advices or are you planning to revamp your whole home but not sure where to start.

We chose and design a new space that will link to the questionnaire taken on the begging of each project. By asking you all those questions we will be able to design you a space that will be reflection of your style and personality.


Free consultation. Space survey of your chosen space. Questionnaire about you and your lifestyle. Budget details.


New floor plan layout for room. Choosing furniture, materials, finishes and décor – moodboard and samples. Quick sketches representing new design.


Presentation of a new space by visualizations.


Aleksandra Stoma-Hałambiec

Spatial & Interior Designer

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